This is the second time we’ve hired Vadim and he has exceeded our expectations again. We always seem to come up with some crazy project and somehow Vadim manages to execute it with the utmost professionalism (and style). We hired Vadim to repair two apartments we have. One of which had a leak in the bathroom ceiling. The other was a new purchase and required a smattering of jobs including repairing a brick wall, painting, and building a custom closet out of pipe and butcher block (yes, you read that right).

Vadim went above and beyond. The first day before he started working we actually added three small extra things to the job and Vadim added them to the scope of work at no charge. He really cares about the work he signs up for and treats each place like his own. He spent a significant amount of time creating what we asked for and was very pleasant and professional the entire time. While working on the second project I could feel his excitement as the job progressed and things came together. It’s really great to work with someone who is invested in these projects like it’s their own.

Absolutely recommended. You’d be crazy not to give him a call.