I hired this company, because a friend of mine reffered them as reliable and honest construction guys in the area. The office space I’ve rented this September was in horrible condition. I needed the walls to be re-painted, ceiling fixed, and floor works to be done. Ceiling was fixed: they put new material and adviced us to change the lamps position in order to make them look more elegant. The walls were fixed and repainted. The floor was covered with tiles and they put the hardwood floor over it. We laso had a problem with the door, because the building is old. They fixed the space around the door and now it opens without a problem. The guys also did simple electric works: they placed new ceiling lamps, lamps in restroom and kitchenette. For the amount of money we paid, they did a really great work for us. Communication with them was very good. The works were completed in time, as promised.