I had my apartment renovated a year ago. I was happy with everything. Then one day the super knocked on my door telling me a leak was coming from my apartment. It turned out to be the refrigerator. The pipe from the sink to the automatic ice maker was leaking behind the wall and creating huge damage in the basement in the boiler room. A guy from the building tried to fix it but after he left I realized when he had pulled out my fridge it had cracked several floor tiles. So now I needed to fix my kitchen. I called several tile repair services but they did not sound reliable and they did not want to deal with leaks or any other problems. That’s when I called White Star General Contractors. The owner, Vadim, said he would come look at the situation that coming Friday. Vadim said very honestly that I could replace the tiles but I would have to get the matching tiles. I was not sure I could do that since I had lost contact with the original contractors. I decided to replace everything. Vadim gave me a fair reasonable estimate. I was going to need to take out the cabinets and do a complete reinstall. However, later that week I found in my old emails the tile model numbers and I told Vadim. He was fine with redoing the estimate and it came to about half of what it could have been before. Vadim was very clear about what he was going to do. We agreed about replacing the tiles and fixing the backsplash connecting to the countertop. He would re-grout that and re-grout the bathtub and put some new polyurethane down on the wood in the front hall. It was not a big job but he seemed very motivated and focused to do a good job. Actually, he was able to start and finish the job almost two months early. We scheduled to do the work the first week of January, but a small window opened the first week of November and he agreed to do it then. I was really happy. Vadim came and did most of the work himself and he brought a very nice coworker to help with some parts. Everything went really fast. The tiles were replaced and the backsplash was re-grouted. Then Vadim found the fridge was still leaking so he repaired that. What was really nice about Vadim was that he explained what he was doing and he explained why the tiles had cracked. The other guys had not put down four points of cement to stabilize the tiles. Vadim explained things as he worked. He told me that copper pipes are not as good as PVC pipes because they bend badly. Vadim was also careful to be very clean because I had a baby in the house and my wife’s mother was visiting. I was shocked…… there really was no dust or dirt or any problems. Vadim basically was able to complete the whole job in about two days. He re-grouted the bathtub and put on sealant to keep away mold. It looked fantastic. The kitchen looked great and the bathroom looked so clean and nice. Then the following week he came back and sanded the front hallway and put down some polyurethane. It looked really nice. Vadim was really polite and helpful during the whole project. I really would like to recommend to anyone who needs a general contractor to use White Star General Contractors. The owner Vadim is a great guy and a really knowledgeable professional. He listened to what I wanted and he also made good helpful suggestions. Don’t waste your time calling other contractors. Use this company because they are fair, honest and helpful. They do a great job. That’s the bottom line! Thanks Vadim for your great professional work.