Vadim and Don are those dream contractors whom all people want. I was lucky enough to have them renovate the kitchen and a bathroom in my apartment  from November 2015 to January 2016. Respectful and reliable, they are a joy to deal with.

Here are a few reasons why I’d invite them again if I needed to renovate something else.

First, I’m happy with the results they delivered. The quality of their work is amazing. Whatever they did looks solid, modern, and fresh. They worked by the book, complying with all technoligy requirements. So everything they renovated will be durable and lasting. Moreover, seeing their outstanding performance and crystal honesty, I asked them to do some extra work that I hadn’t planned before. And I was so glad when they agreed.

Second, their estimate was true and never increased. So I could safely plan my expenses and schedule.

Third, they cared a lot about what I planned, wanted, and thought. They went to all lengths to realize my ideas. Vadim called me every day to ask if my family and I were happy with the work being done.

Fourth, Vadim and Don could always be reached by phone. If their phone didn’t answer, they called back within a few minutes. I could call them to ask questions even over the weekend.

Fifth, experienced contractors, they offered practical solutions to any problem I encountered. I benefited hugely from their creative ideas and insights.

Sixth, they had all lisences and insurances, so they were fast to be approved to renovate in a cooperative building with strict rules like mine.

Seventh, they are simply nice people who know how to communicate with, listen to, and respect their customers. Dealing with them is super easy.

I thank Vadim and Don, honest and reliable contractors,for making my home cosy and comfortable. If I need to renovate again, I know whom I should call.